Our Lilac Cultivars

The following is a list of our varieties. 

Please note that not all varieties are available all the time. This is because of our availability for the ones we are  propagating one year to the next, as well as from our suppliers for some cultivars. Some lilacs are vigorous growers and can be propagated easily and plentifully, while others are not.

Please note too the species of lilac and time of bloom:

Early Blooming Species

  • Syringa Oblata and subspecies
  • Syringa x Hyacinthaflora (s.oblata & s.vulgaris Hybrid)

Mid-Season Blooms

  • Syringa Vulgaris
  • S. x Chinensis(common name ‘French Rouen Lilac’)
  • S. pubescens and subspecies
  • S. meyeri

Late Blooming

  •  S.wolfii
  • S.emodi
  • Villosae group cultivars

Very Late Blooming

  •  s.reticulata (tree lilacs)