We are absolutely obsessed with lilacs

Planting a row of lilacs for a hedge is easy, or perhaps a small rock garden  with a dwarf variety, or a single mass cluster of a particular color with hosta or perennials at the base as a focal point upon entering the front door. With little effort, you will be rewarded with beauty and aromatherapy for years. 

A small private nursery near New Paltz, NY

We feature over 80 different lilac cultivars in all seven color classes as well as unique bi-colors, dwarfs, weeping, variegated, rare varieties and collectibles. We also carry a few companion plants and trees that go well with lilacs. You can find lavender, lily-of-the-valley, hostas, and evergreens among the lilacs, all in different sizes from starters to 10 gallon. 


The colors are endless, as are variations in fragrance, single and double flowers, panicle size, shrub size, and time of bloom. There are early, mid, and late blooming lilacs giving you 6-8 weeks of bloom time with the right cultivars. However, before choosing all your favorite lilacs, consider your space and location of planting, as these are very important for your lilac to thrive.